Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day of Coordination Package

We're here to turn your love into a beautifully inspired event. Your unique love meets our passion and creativity to unveil the vision you've dreamed of. Let us help you create your personalized day. Become a Stylishly Sweet bride and we'll help you do the rest!
Truly | Day of Coordination
Have your wedding planned and designed but need someone to come in and make sure the day flows well and the vendors are managed? Our day-of package starts a month from your wedding date to make sure all vendors and logistics are ready to go. We'll meet once to go over all of the details and once to visit your wedding venue. We want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch (except for YOU guys getting hitched, of course).  
Pricing: $1850
  • Timeline & Floor plan creation
  • Vendor Coordination
  • 1 Venue visit
  • Rehearsal
  • Style & set up of decor for ceremony & reception
  • Carry out wedding day timeline


decor, venue + production
Our team is happy to create custom designs for your unique event. We will scout venues, arrange entertainment, add style and design elements and make sure the production is flawless. 
  • Corporate Events
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Graduation Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagement Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, etc. 
  • Contact us for detailed pricing! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Congratulations! You're engaged!! Now comes the 100's of pins on pinterest, the crazy whirlwind of wedding planning and the stress! Well, yes, some of that is true, but hopefully you also enjoy the process a little bit too! 

Here are 5 things you should focus on FIRST before all of the other stuff gets in the way. 

1) Pick a date

Yep, you'd think this would be obvious, but you'd be surprised. The date is the first thing you really need to think about. Take everything into consideration. Is it a time of year you really love? Is it near any major holiday? Will travel be difficult? Will the weather cooperate? Do you have enough time to get vendors together? All of these things need to be considered when you are picking a date, because they are all important factors. Obviously you can't please everyone with the date, but you want to make sure you pick a date that the majority of your friends and family can make.

2) Pick a vision/theme

Whether it's a color scheme or you are having robots and ribbons as your theme, try to nail one down soon, so that you can easily pick a venue and vendors that will help bring that theme to life. We've seen too many guys and gals pick a venue that doesn't work well with their theme, and then not be happy with it. Nail down what your look is going to be, and everything else will flow from there. 

3) Find a Dress or start shopping, at least!

You'd be surprised how long it can take to find a dress. You never know. You might be one of the lucky ones and find your dress the first time out. OR you may try on 100 dresses and still not find the one you love. Give yourself ample time to find the dress you want to get married in. 

4) Pick a Venue

Most venues start booking 1 year in advance. Especially if it's a popular venue, you'll want to jump on that as soon as possible. Pick your top 3 favorite venues, and call them to see if your preferred date is available. You should be able to hold your date for a little bit, until you make your final decision or someone else is requesting your same date, from the venue. Obviously, if you know your vision and theme, you can pick a venue that fits it well. That's why we put that BEFORE picking your venue. You don't want to get locked into a venue and then decide that instead of a beach wedding, you want a barn instead. 

5) Pick your Wedding Party

Knowing who you want to stand with you on that big day, is an important decision. Think about who has been your friends the longest, or even who you've grown really close to over the last year. It can be hard to pick a bridal party, so take a little time with your fiancee to figure out how many attendants you want and who you want them to be. Sometimes a decision you thought would be so easy, turns out to be pretty hard. You might feel the pressure to pick people because they are family members or that you've known them forever, but unless you feel really close to them now, go with your heart and pick who best fits with who you are now. 

Obviously there are many more steps to planning a wedding, but if you can get the big 5 out of the way, it will be much smoother sailing. We promise!

Keeping you Stylish, 

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Monica and I have been vendors at 2 wedding shows in the past few months. We've learned a lot from both and we wanted to share some tips, advice and some hard lessons with you in case you're thinking of doing a show yourself as a wedding vendor. 

Lessons learned: 

  • We realised after the first show, we don't really like the mainstream shows. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of vendors who do well at these shows, but we didn't feel like "our" bride was there. We put a lot of effort into a great set up (which people could NOT stop taking photos of :) ) but nothing really panned out from our first one. Our second one was better and easier, but that was because of lessons we learned. Still, just not our cup of tea. 
  • Don't pay for 2 shows at the same time, even if the bridal show is offering you a discount. That is unless you have done the show before and you KNOW you'll want to do it again in a few months. We got a great discount for booking two, and we will never do that again. :) We knew after the first one that we didn't want to do another one, but we couldn't get our money back. 

What happens before the show?

  • The wedding show will email you details about the venue, how to get in and out and any other pertinent information. 
  • Make sure you have marketing materials printed out ahead of time, so you are not rushing around to get them done. You'll be handing out a LOT of cards, so get extras. 
  • Discuss what you want your booth to look like. Pick a color theme and go with it. My advice would be to have all of that done and taken care of the week before the show. You don't want to be scrambling around the evening before. 
  • Get REST the night before. You will be on your feet the whole next day, so take care of yourself. 

Things to help you survive the day: 

  • Grab coffee and breakfast in the morning, on the way to the show. Start the day out right! 
  • Bring snacks and water. Most shows need 2 people at the booth at a time because it's so busy, so don't think you're getting away for a break. Unfortunately it's about 5 hours of non-stop talking, which can be great, but can also really wear you out. No one wants a hangry wedding vendor. 
  • Bring supplies that could help you out in those "uh oh" moments, like: tape, scissors, thumbtacks, hammer, screwdriver, windex, paper towels etc. You never know when you might need something like this, depending on what your set up is, so come extra prepared. You can't really leave once you are there. 
  • Don't have a super hard set up. Our first set up had a couch, a vanity, a dresser, a bar cart and then little bits of decor on top of that. We were in and out of the freight elevator and had to rent a Uhaul. If your set up can stick to just the 6 foot table the show provides you and some extras, your life will be much easier. 
  • Use clear bins to bring your items to the show and bring a dolly. This will help you pack everything up really easily and make one trip in and out by stacking the boxes on top of the dolly. 
  • Bring a pretty table cloth and signage. The wedding show provides a very basic cloth and usually an ugly sign. Bring something cute that represents your company. 
  • Bring business cards and any other marketing material you want to hand out. 
  • Smile and welcome people into your booth to check out your work. They don't always just stop, you have to make them want to. 
  • If you have a fun little gift you can give out, do it! Our first show we created small muslin bags of taffy that acted as favors. Everyone really loved it. 
  • Bring a clipboard with a sign up sheet for your newsletter. This way you can collect your own emails and start reaching out, before the show sends you their database. 

What happens after the show?

  • Depending on the show, they will send you a database within 2 weeks with all of the attendees email addresses. This way you can start emailing newsletters or special deals. 
  • Collect receipts for items you spent on the show, as well as show payments, and log them into your business expenses for the year. You want to be ready for tax time when it comes!
  • Decide whether or not you want to do another show. There are some fun boutique shows that don't cost as much as the big shows. For example, The Great Bridal Expo was $1000 each show, and that included a 2 show discount. (blah!). Some of the smaller shows have more boutique style vendors and can be as cheap as $250 for a booth! 

There are so many wedding shows to pick from. If you decide to do one, try to find one that fits your niche well and make sure you're prepared. Wedding shows usually start taking applications 6 months before the show, so get in early if you can. 

Hopefully this helped one of you lovely wedding vendors. If you have any advice or other tips, please feel free to share them in the comments below. 

Keeping you Stylish!

Monday, March 16, 2015


I feel like there is a big misunderstanding with what people think Day of Coordinators (DOC) do. When you are looking at wedding planning websites, it can be super confusing choosing between full, partial and day of planning. I wanted to write this post to explain what a DOC truly does, and you can decide if this is the route you want to go. 

A DOC is perfect for the bride who wants to create her own special day and find her own vendors, but really needs someone there on the day to make sure it all goes as planned. A big misconception is that the DOC starts on your actual wedding day. Well, that's just not possible. You have to have a lot of information before the big day, to make sure everything is in place and going to run smoothly for the wedding. The planning actually begins one month before the wedding date, to ensure the DOC has all of the right contacts and can help you with final details. DOC's do so much, really, but here is a list of items a true DOC should handle for you. If you booked our services, this is what you'd get (and so much more)! 

  1. 2 weeks before first meeting, we'll send you a questionnaire to fill out with your fiance. This goes over vendor questions and contacts, as well as how you want the ceremony and reception to go. 
  2. One month before wedding date we meet you and your fiance at your wedding venue. If you have a ceremony and separate reception venue, we'll visit both. In this meeting, we'll discuss the wedding questionnaire we sent you, questions and items we need further clarification on , the wedding day timeline, and any extra details you want to share with us about your big day. 
  3. Within one week after our meeting we will send you a timeline to look over, make changes to if necessary, and approve. Once we get your approval, we'll send out to your wedding party and vendors. 
  4. The final 3 weeks, we'll send you some fun reminders and timelines to make sure you are getting everything you need done, completed. 
  5. The night before we'll handle the logistics of your ceremony rehearsal. 
  6. DAY OF! Happy Wedding day! We're the first to show up and the last to leave. We come armed with the timeline, vendor contacts and information and ready to make sure your day runs smoothly. 
  • We'll work with the bride to make sure hair and makeup are on time and going smoothly. 
  • We'll make sure the groom and groomsmen are in place and heading to the ceremony site on time. 
  • For the ceremony, we'll make sure that the bridal party is in place at the right time, the photographers know which pictures you want them to take, the musicians are in place and everyone heads down the aisle in a timely fashion. 
  • After the ceremony, we'll make sure guests know how to get to the reception venue or where cocktail hour is, the photographer gets the family and bridal party photos at the ceremony venue and the bridal party leaves in time to get to the next location. 
  • For cocktail hour and at the reception, we'll be the point of contact for all vendors and guests. 
  • Before the reception, we'll make sure all florals are in place on the tables, the favors are put out, the seating chart is ready and all final touches are completed. 
  • We'll make sure the guests get seated at the right table, the appetizers and cocktails are served on time and with a good flow, and the reception starts on time. 
  • We'll work with the DJ to make sure all of the bridal party gets introduced in the correct order and then have a grand entrance for the Bride and Groom. 
  • Our timeline for the reception will consist of : bridal party entrance, first dance, dinner, toasts, mother/son and father/daughter dances, cake cutting, garter belt and bouquet toss, dance party and whatever else is planned for your big night. 
  • We'll get all of your gifts and personal items to the previously designated person, to make sure they get them to your home. 
  • Once the reception is over, we'll work with each vendor to make sure they have cleaned up their items and are out by the time we are scheduled to be out of the venue. 
  • We'll do one more pass to make sure everything looks good and that you will not get charged for any of your vendors not doing something. 
  • And so much more...
Honestly, DOC really do so many things. Not only are they running around making sure everything is in place, they are also smiling and greeting guests, ensuring everyone is having a wonderful time. 

When choosing a DOC, make sure you choose someone you really connect with and like to be around. I think it's really important that they are not only organized as all get out, but super nice and excited to help you for your day. It's one of the most important days of your life, you need someone who knows what they're doing, and can do it with a smile. 

If you decide you want to DIY and do all of the planning yourself, you go girl, but I would highly recommend getting someone to run the day. That way you don't have to ask your mom, aunt or bridesmaids to do it. All of your guests , friends and family members can enjoy the day without a care in the world. It's worth it, I promise. As a wedding planner myself, I didn't hire one, thinking I could handle it all, and I really wish I would have. My wedding was sweet and simple, but having someone there to oversee everything so I didn't have to, would have been fabulous!

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Are you hiring a DOC for your wedding day? If so, what was the main reason you wanted to hire one? 

Keeping you Stylish, 

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