Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The best day.

Hi everyone, Danae here! I'm so excited that you are following along on our business journey. We love what we're doing and we love having you here.

I wanted to share some pictures , as well as some tips and tricks,  from my recent wedding.

Yes, I've only been married for a little over a month and yes, it's sheer bliss. I'm definitely married to the man of my dreams {Que sighs} and could not be happier. Our wedding day was the best day of my life, so I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak. And of course, it was styled by us, Stylishly Sweet. :)

It was like a fairy tale. We got married at City Hall in San Francisco. We rented the South Light Gallery on the 4th floor, overlooking the dome. Wow, was it ever amazing. The pictures turned out amazing and no extra decor was needed. The architecture alone was gorgeous enough. We had a beautiful and very personal ceremony ( we wrote our own vows, that was my favorite part) and everyone we loved and cherished were there. Looking through all my photos I had the biggest smile on my face the whole day. We both felt like school kids and enjoyed every last minute of it. 

{Yep, that's me and my business partner and friend. The other half to this Stylishly Sweet Duo. Can't you feel the love?}

Tips that I used that could help you out:

1) Get married somewhere you both love. Somewhere beautiful. City hall was just so amazing that even though the one hour rental fee was hefty, I didn't have to buy ONE decoration to fill the space. Just rented some nice wooden chairs for our guests to be comfortable on.

2) Don't go overboard in the finance department. It's amazing what kind of wedding you can pull together with just some imagination and tweaking things a bit. For instance, we got married on a Friday morning at 10 am (saved a lot of money on venue because of this) and had a lunch time reception.

3) We chose a reception venue that meant something personal to us and where we loved the food. We rented the restaurant for the afternoon and they were even able to open for dinner. If we would have had a dinner reception, it would have been 2-3 times the cost since Fridays are their busiest days.

4) Don't need a DJ? Create your own wedding play list! For weeks we kept adding our favorite songs to our play list on Rdio. It was awesome and best of all, it was all music we both liked. Everything from the Flaming Lips to Katie Perry and Michael Buble.  We literally saved about 1k here on this cost.

5) We created a super cool Love Story video through our videographer. It took a couple of hours to make a 5 minute video, but it will be something we cherish forever. We showed it at our reception and our guests loved it. It's just a little extra special something that gives your guests a peak into your love life. Very special and fun.

6) I had a florist make my bouquet as well as the corsages and boutonnieres for Ascander and our family members. When it came to our reception flowers, my mom and I went and bought flowers in bulk and whipped together some very lovely and boho centerpieces for the reception. We spent $100 dollars on flowers when that would have cost me an arm and a leg more to go through a florist.

7) DIY and Vintage. I'm both a DIY and Vintage freak! I feel I should be able to make almost anything and if I can't, surely there is a vintage piece that will do just the trick. For 2 months I shopped the Alameda Flea market and antique stores on the Peninsula and even in Indiana where my family is from. My collection of milk glass and aqua ball jars grew extensively, but the pieces were somewhat inexpensive, and definitely unique. They were the perfect touch to our spring time wedding. I also hunted down books galore in our color scheme, and created stacking centerpieces with those. And don't forget the skeleton keys. Some were actual antiques, but a lot were from Michael's. Shh, don't tell. :)

8) Sweets, sips and food. We love all of these things so we wanted to splurge a bit on these. We chose a few special beers and wines for our guests to choose from and since our restaurant is a small plates kind of place, we had bits of food coming out to all the tables throughout lunch service. I love family style, so that's how we did it. We had a small cocktail hour with charcutterie and cheese boards and then lunch was served. All local and organic foods with a menu that changes seasonally. The cake and sweets were phenomenal and from a bakery I found through Yelp. Hummingbird cake, banana caramel cupcakes, mini pies, etc. etc. All delicious and so sweetly displayed on vintage china and milk glass.

9) Favors. We made our own caramels. Cardamom, Vanilla, Lavender honey and all with sea salt. As Ascander made the caramels (let's face it, he's the cook in this family) I hand stamped muslin bags with our names and the date of our event. We filled each bag with an assortment of caramels. They were absolutely amazing and not only didn't cost us too much but were handcrafted by us, so even more special.

10) Use Etsy. I have always loved this site and here is a list of items I purchased for our wedding on here:
-Return address stamp
-Ascander's bow tie
-My gorgeous bolero jacket
-Signage for the wedding
-Some books, ball jars and a small gumball machine
-Stamp for favor bags
-Props for photo booth
If you can't do vintage and can't create something yourself, use Etsy and support handmade artists. It's totally worth it.

11) The splurge: Make sure you get an amazing photographer and videographer. Eventually people will forget your favors, your food and yes, even your fabulous dress. And FORGET anyone remembering your play list. BUT...a picture is worth a thousand words and probably that many memories or more. Get people you trust and who understand your vision. If you need to splurge somewhere, do it here!!! I cannot stress this enough.

12) And MOST importantly...just have fun and enjoy your loved ones and your special day. Don't freak out. Just breathe. Don't worry. Just breathe. I promise, it will be alright if you just let go and enjoy the moment. It's gone before you know it, so take it all in.

If you need some extra styling help and getting through your big day, keep us in mind! We would love to chat with you about your upcoming event.

Dress: Persephone Vintage , Bolero Jacket: Holly Stalder, Bow tie: Speak Louder , Invitations and Wedding Signage: Paisley Tree Press , Brides shoes: Alice & Olivia , Wedding Venue: City Hall San Francisco, Reception Venue: 31st Union, San Mateo, Cake and Sweets: Modified Margaret @ Justins Santa Clara, Photographer: Bethany Louw Photography, Videography: Aaron Olson 


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