Monday, August 26, 2013

It will be worth it

Hi sweeties! Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to keep us going, don't we? Something or someone that tells us "Hey! What you're doing is NOT silly. What you're doing is NOT pointless. What you are doing is Amazing!". 

Starting a business was a big leap of faith for us. We knew we wanted to dive head first into this wonderful world of event planning, but sometimes that diving board is scary and seems really high. We knew that our passion for events was driving us to take that leap, so we decided to just do it. Of course, after about a YEAR of planning it. :) We felt it had to be perfect, but have quickly learned that it just needs to BE and the rest will come in time. 

What we know now more than ever is just what this quote says. "It may not be easy, but it will be worth it." And oh boy, it is. Sure, there are long days and sometimes our fingers go numb from making tons of tissue flowers, but hey, it's T-Totally worth it. Sometimes we see others out there getting bigger and bigger events and we wonder when our shining time will come, but hey, it's worth it. And SOMEtimes we get weary and wonder, "Is it worth it?" And that answer always come as a big, resounding "HEY IT'S WORTH IT!" We know it in our souls. It's what we want.

So whatever you are planning, dreaming, doing or putting on the back burner because you are afraid. Just go do it. Remember that it won't necessarily be easy, but who cares, when it is SO worth it. 

Keeping you Stylish!

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