Monday, September 16, 2013

Elegant 10 year Anniversary Fiesta!

Last month we had the honor of designing and styling a 10 Year Anniversary Party. When Stacey came to us she was very clear that while she wanted this party to be special, she also wanted it to be somewhat relaxed. She wanted a fiesta! theme but was very afraid that it would look tacky, cheap and too casual. Danae and I told her not to worry, as we could take her idea of a fiesta and make it elegant, yet still keep the whimsy and magic of it all. Here is what we did:

We started with the entrance, because first impressions are everything.  We wanted to make a statement as people walked in, and as Stacey has a long driveway we decided to line it with bright colored luminaries all the way to the door..
Although the party started with light out at night, when guests left the luminaries set off a magical glow to send off our guests. 

These luminaries led to our statement entrance. An arch of colorful paper tissue flowers often in found in Hispanic cultures. We made these by hand, and they were a labor of love. The finished piece was so worth it!

Our color palette was colorful bright colors of bright yellow, hot pink, orange and lime green. We tried to keep everything else neutral, with ivory colored tablecloths and seating. Our main centerpieces were these beautiful iron scroll work lanterns. We also used empty bottles and cans of Tapatio and El Pato to add to the authentic flavor of mexico. We filled them with daisies in our color scheme. For a special touch we filled milk glass vases with authentic Mexican pinata candy.

Stacey has a beautiful pool and pergola area that we jumped on making the main focal point of the party. We updated her seating area with colorful banners, pinatas and pillows. We also added a special seating area to face the pool and take it all in.

The pool was a beautiful backdrop. We decided that we must do something with it, so we strung balloons to make it appear as if they were floating orbs. The effect was magical.

We used sombreros to line walk ways and created a pinata garden!

Nothing gets a party going like good food and drinks! We decided to flank the patio food stations and bars in our color scheme, making each table a distinct color. Everyone knew that orange was drinks!!

We had a guacamole and salsa bar with the favorite flavor of the night being the mango!

The taco bar hosted 3 kinds of meats with all the fixings! The shrimp was the over all favorite.

Finally the drinks both the coffee bar and the bar bar were dressed in orange. The bar hosted specialty cocktails as spicy mango margaritas and a selection of Mexican beers.

Overall this was one Fiesta that was definitely elegant and classy! Congratulations to Stacey and her husband on 10 fabulous years!

Keeping you Stylish, 
Danae and Monica


  1. How beautiful! Where did you get the Starbucks jugs that held the coffee and also the tin covers for the meats at the taco bar? My parents are having their 10 year anniversary fiesta themed as well!

  2. Hi Bensmom! We actually used a caterer and they provided those items. Peninsula Catering in San Mateo.:)

  3. Hi! This is beautiful where did you get those lanterns?

  4. Where did you find the colorful lanterns?


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