Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to make your wedding day tech savvy! Apps you need to download today!

Weddings are stressful! If you are planning one all by yourself, it can be downright maddening! Lucky for you, you live in the tech age, where there is practically an app for just about everything. Weddings are no exception. Here are some of the coolest apps to take advantage of and perhaps take some of that wedding planning stress away!

1) Registry 360 by the Knot  http://www.giftregistry360.com/

Sometimes brides like items from different stores and this would often mean multiple registry lists. Well NO MORE! With Registry 360 you can compile all your registries from different stores onto ONE! This is great for guests, who can see all at once what it is you desire for gifts.  Not only can they see what you want, they can instantly click to buy without ever leaving their house! Now that's convenient. This cool little app also lets you scan an item from your iPhone! There is no more waiting for that scan gun. Other cool features include creating "look books" for each room in your future home together. Isn't that the coolest?

2) Ever Snap  https://wedding.eversnapapp.com/https://wedding.eversnapapp.com/

Remember when putting disposable cameras on every guest table to capture those candid moments was popular? This is kinda like that, but for the tech age! Ever snap lets your guests use their smart phones to capture your moments and instantly place them on a private album for everyone to share. This app is a great way to not only engage and include your guests in your special day, but allows a space for all those pictures to be shared and seen instantly. Think of it as a private instagram. You can even have any of the photos taken printed and shipped by Ever snap themselves.

3) Appy Couple http://www.appycouple.com/

This is the one app to do it all. Not only can you collect photos from your guests, but you can create your own wedding couple app.  Guests can go to your app to RSVP, get your registry, a countdown to your wedding day, directions, an event timeline, and probably the coolest thing...send push notifications for reminders to your guests.

 4) Destination weddings and Honeymoons  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/destination-weddings-honeymoons/id430341353?mt=8

Obviously the second best thing to your big day is the honeymoon! This app lets you browse destinations, get reviews, and gives you contacts to book! Plus the photos are beautiful!

Your wedding day can be both traditional and innovative! Will you be using some of these apps?
Keeping you Stylish!
Danae and Monica

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