Monday, November 4, 2013

How to create a lovely Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Here at Stylishly Sweet, we think every Holiday deserves style! I don't know about you, but every year I like to spruce up our table for Thanksgiving. It adds a lot to the ambiance and can look beautiful for days.

Here are some fun ideas we found. What do you think?

1. Fill inexpensive glass jars with different themed items and add plain candles (you can also use flame less). 

Use outdoor finds like chestnuts or acorns. Just make sure you rinse them really well and let them dry. You can even care this look over to Christmas.

We'd like to add, be careful of how long you let the acorns sit in the glass vases. If you gather them from the ground, they have tiny worms inside that tend to crawl out when conditions are moist and warm (like at the base of a candle.) Not that we've noticed worms in our centerpieces before or anything. #truth #notwhileI'meating

Dried corn kernels and a color complimenting candle has a whimsical feel.

A little creativity goes a long way!

2. Place settings don't have to be plain and boring. Spruce them up with these ideas!

Create tiny leaf shaped name cards and attach them to small pumpkins. Place one on each guests plate.

thanksgiving place settings


Tie your napkins with a little twine and use metal edged tags and a piece of grain to finish the look. 



3. Want to create something simple and homey? The rustic-chic farm table look is all the rage right now. It meets elegance and simplicity and adds a bit of whimsy. Here are some of our favorites!

Use mismatched china, feathers, deep colored florals and glass in shades of amber. 

Rustic Glam table photo by Jose Villa


Nothing says rustic glam more than antlers, crystal and gorgeous colors. Vintage china, candle sticks and animal hide really pull the look together. 

antlers & crystal


Whatever you do, just remember to make it special in your own way. And give thanks, of course. :)

Keeping you Stylish!
Danae & Monica

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