Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Gone are the days of HAVING to walk around Macy's, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond with a little laser gun and a very unhappy fiancee. Unless you really want that experience, you don't HAVE to do that anymore. 

In this day and age, where a lot of people are getting married a little later in life and have already purchased housewares, there are alternatives. And why only have limited choices at single stores? Why not be able to create a registry with items from all of your favorite places? Here are some of our favorite sites. Go ahead, make your life easier. 

For the foodie couple:

For couples that just want to have a year of really good eats, why not register on Foodie Registry ? All you have to do is pick your favorite restaurants and sent out a link to your friends and family. They can purchase and the gift certificate will be sent directly to you. Eat up and enjoy!

For the stylish Couple:

For couples who want to mix and match from cool boutiques, this is perfect for you. NEWLYWISH lets you choose from all different categories such as decor, art, eco-friendly items, food and wine and so much more. You can even purchase welcome bags, jewelry or bridal party gifts. It's literally a one stop shop! 

For couple who is on the go: 

Don't have time to sit in front of a computer and pick out items? Then you'll love SimpleRegistry! You can be out shopping, see something you love, scan the bar code or take a picture and add it instantly to your registry. Or, why should you have to think of everything? Why not allow friends and family members with experience to suggest fun and useful items for your registry? You can do that with SimpleRegistry. You have power over what you suggest to be on your registry, but they could give you some really good ideas. 

For the couple who loves to travel: 

Have all the house stuff you need? Why not allow your guests to add funds to your honeymoon? With Honeyfund you get to create a little page to tell your guests about your planned vacation and they can put funds towards activities, accommodations, flights, beverages and so much more. Let them help you get to a magical destination that you'll remember for the rest of your lives. Experiences are our pick over things. 

What about you? Where did you register? Could you see yourself registering with one of these fun options? Let us know! 

Keeping you Stylish!
Danae & Monica

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