Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner

So many people get sticker shock when they see what planners charge. I know, we get it, it seems like a lot of money, but when you see what we do, you can understand. We'd like to (ever so) kindly mention that if you find a planner that will only charge you a few hundred dollars to do a lot of work over months of time, remember, you get what you pay for, and it may not be all that great.

People may disagree with us on this point, but the amount of time and energy put into planning your big day is SO worth the expense. You want a team that can give you what you need, make your day a smashing success, and take all the pressure off of your lovely bride and groom shoulders. And all of those things come with a price.  It's not an easy nor always glamorous job (though very gratifying), but we feel that because it's such a special day, you need someone to help you make it perfect.  And here is why we think you need a Wedding planner. Essentially, why you need us!

Vendor Management

From the moment you sign with us, we take the reigns. A HUGE part of that is vendor management.  This is probably the biggest part, other than the day of. There is a lot of back and forth, meetings, phone calls and quote adjustments. Believe me, you want someone to do this for you. :) Let me break it down. 

*We help you pick vendors from our lovely list of favorites we like to use OR find completely new ones to fit your tastes. That requires a lot of scouting, and we do it!
*We do all the initial phone calls and research then bring you proposals for your final decision. 
*We set up all of the meet and greets between client and vendor and attend multiple vendor meetings to make sure you are getting what you paid for and help come up with other fun and imaginative ideas. 
*We make sure that payments for the vendor are all set by the wedding day and we do all of the coordinating with them day of, to ensure that their job is complete and they did what you paid them to do. 
*Vendors include: Venue, DJ, Bakery, Caterer, Florist, Stationer, Car Service, Rentals, Photographer, Videographer, etc. That's a lot to keep track of. :)

Our job is to take that stress off of your plate and manage it completely. It's typically months of management, so you have to factor that into the cost. 


Do you and your fiancee love bright pops of color and whimsical decor? Are you really into the romantic and bohemian style? Do you want to mix glitter and rope, and just don't know how to do it? That's what we're here for. We are filled (literally, to the brim, about to overflow) with ideas on how to create a really killer day that screams YOU. We will create a fun inspiration board for you with ideas we think would be fitting and then we go from there. We love to mix and match. We love vintage but also adore modern. More than anything we want to make your day unique.

Want circus themed entertainers serving drinks? Need to have a sweets bar the length of a ballroom? We are your gals. And we also know that some of you have great taste, but just can't figure out what you want. We'll glean as much information from you from our initial consultation as possible and come up with ideas for you. We'll show you invitation choices, color schemes, venue pictures and pick out all of the right elements that make your day complete. 

DIY Projects and Special Touches


Another thing you get when you sign with us are our DIY skills. :) Ok, but seriously, we LOVE creating special projects for our clients, and we like to be hands on. We think it's those special and unique touches that really make your event stand out. You know? Those things you can't just buy at a store? Yeah, those are the things we love to do. One of a kind. These projects take a lot of time and effort on our part, and we work for hours and sometimes MONTHS in advance. We want you to have those special touches, and when you work with us, you are guaranteed to have them. Have you ever made 100 flower poms out of delicate tissue paper? We have. Have you ever spray painted loads of lanterns bright colors to match a theme? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. And we're just getting started.

Sweet Floral Design

We have recently added floral design to our company and we can work directly with you on centerpiece ideas as well as your bouquet, boutonnieres, bridesmaids bouquets, etc. This is a bit of an added cost, but still more reasonable than going and finding a vendor. Of course, if you prefer a vendor, that is no problem and some events we may ask that you go that route, depending on size. We want you to have great options and since we love florals and will already be working with you, this is just another thing you don't have to worry about! 

We care!

All of the little details, all of the emotions, all of the planning, we care about! Most importantly, though, we care about you and yours. We want you to have the most magnificent day you could dream of. We want you be overwhelmed with happiness and love and not worry about all the little painstaking details. And we want to be there at the end to hug you and tell you that you DID IT! You married your best friend had an amazing party to celebrate. We'll be there to give you that hug. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and you need people involved that truly care about your happiness. We are your girls! 

Hopefully this post inspired you to look into hiring a wedding planner and we also hope you got an idea of what it takes to plan an event like this and why having someone to help you is a big deal. 

What are your thoughts? Did you have a wedding planner? We'd love to hear from you!

Keeping you Stylish,


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