Monday, December 2, 2013

A Thankful Table

We were so blessed to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. Our first as a married couple! I really wanted to make it special, so while my husband was in the kitchen working on the turkey, I dove head first into decorating. 

I didn't rent linens or have specialty china. I literally used what I had in the house to make our table festive and warm. There were eight of us, and I don't have 8 sets of anything! So, here are a few tricks I used to create a lovely table on a budget and using a little DIY imagination.

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* I purchased a Target table cloth, burlap table runner from TJ Maxx and Chevron paper placemats (these were leftover from my Bridal shower. You get a tablet of 50!). 

* Because we now offer florals here at Stylishly Sweet, I take every opportunity to create arrangements. I used mostly fall colored flowers that were in season. I filled my mercury glass vases and arranged them on the table due to height. You can use jam jars, glass vases of varying heights, milk glass or any other vessel you have on hand. Just use your imagination! Also, try not to make them too high so you don't block any conversation. 

* Mix and match your china and glasses. I had 2 sets of white china plates (one with a slight pattern the other without) and 2 sets of vintage looking glasses from Anthropologie. I mixed and matched every other place setting to give it a rustic yet whimsical vibe. 

* I didn't have time to go grab cloth napkins, and lets be honest, we never use those in my house anyway with just the 2 of us, so I used paper napkins. Doesn't give it the same look as fancy cloth napkins, but it was easy and no one even noticed. 

*To set a warm and inviting mood, I placed tea lights in jam jars filled with cranberries. It was sweet and created a nice glow all evening long. Yes, they were the LED tea lights. Easy and they never went out! 

What's really fun about all these tips is that you can use the same rules for any holiday. In fact, this table would make a nice transition into Christmas by just removing the pumpkins and adding pine cones, bits of evergreen and some more Christmas type florals. 

Remember make it as fun and as easy as possible. The holiday season should be a time to be thankful and not get too stressed out. However, you can always make it beautiful, even on a budget. 

Keeping you Stylish!

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