Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to dress for the Holiday Season. Appropriate Attire for every party.

It's the holidays! That means parties, parties, and parties! Not all parties are alike however, and deciphering what to wear to each can be confusing. What is cocktail wear? and what exactly does formal mean?? Not to worry! Stylishly Sweet is here to keep you stylish and appropriate.

Black tie/ Formal Party: If you get an invite to a Black tie event, consider yourself lucky! This is gonna be a party to remember!  Chances are the host has gone all out, pulled out all the stops, and has spared no expense on decor, food, and drinks. In exchange, she/he expects you to do the same. This is the party you wear the ballgown too, the floor length dress, sequins everywhere. I like to think as these events as the Oscars. If you were nominated, what would you wear? What you shouldn't wear? Short length dresses that hit above the knee, tight form fitting dresses or dresses that reveal too much. It's a classy affair, and your dress should be too. Men should wear a tuxedo, no if, ands, or buts.

Cocktail Party Attire: Cocktail parties are usually parties to make a statement at. Most of you have cocktail attire in your closet already. This party is a little more relaxed than a formal affair. This is where your LBD shines! Shorter hemlines are appropriate, but should stay modest. Two inches above the knee is standard. Form Fitting dresses and skirts are also acceptable. Fancy pants, aka tuxedo pants, lace or brocade are also OK for cocktail attire. Statement Jewelry and Shoes are also a go, as are separates like a simple top and a fancy skirt.

Business Attire/office appropriate holiday party: Clearly if this is a holiday party for the office you want to be a little more professional and subdued. Of course, if your office is more relaxed, than your attire can be to. However, you want to remember that just because it's a party doesn't mean you get to dress as if you and your girlfriends are hitting a night out on the town. You want to appear professional, even all dressed up. That means nothing too short, too revealing, or over-the-top. If your office is more corporate, think a fancy suit or separates.

Casual Party:  This party is probably at a friends house or a low key venue. Casual attire however does not mean you should come in your pj's or yoga pants. Effort should be made to look put together even if you are wearing jeans.  A festive sweater, a fun skirt or accessories are all good!

Hopefully this mini guide directs you in choosing the appropriate outfit for your party! We know you are going to look fabulous!

Keeping you Stylish, 

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