Friday, January 17, 2014

Feature Friday: Urban Walls

What are we so absolutely in love with right now? Urban Walls! Seriously people. In. Love.

Wall decals have been around for some time now, but Urban Walls has definitely taken it to another, chicer, level. We're basically swooning over the I Heart You decal and all of the super cool quotes and neat designs.

We love that you can use these decals all around your house and for events too! Why not spruce up a dance floor with fabulous gold polka dots and hearts? Or make a super cute backdrop for a dessert bar with a sweet quote? There really are endless options, you just have to get creative!

Have you seen their site? Go check them out and tell us what you think? Would you use these in your home or at your next event?

We can't wait to get some of these up in our own homes, and we have some of the best ideas using these for upcoming events. 

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Keeping you Stylish, 


  1. I used them for Emma's polka dot decals in her mint/pink and gold big girl room! Love them!

  2. I love that!!! I am in love with the polka dots, so fabulous choice friend! xoxo


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