Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stylish Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Honestly, I think guys are super hard to buy for. I don't think you can just get them "anything" that will really excite them. However, there are some fun ideas to bring a smile to his face. Here are my top 5 choices for gifts for guys this Valentines day. Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive and over the top, but thoughtful and clever go a long way.

1) The Wooden Bow Tie. Yes, we all know that the Bow Tie has made an awesome come back ( I think all guys should wear them :) ) but what about this clever take on it? 
2) Mason Jar Shaker. For your favorite guy who likes to mix his favorite drinks. This is functional and unique. A real throw back, with a modern twist. 
3) for couples! For the guy who has everything, or so you think. Why not sign up for this really cool date site? They help you come up with dates to take each month for a discounted rate. Try something new or get a meal to cook at home...they have a bit of everything. 
4)Brooklyn Grooming. For the bearded guy in your life, pick him up some products to keep that beard or mustache soft and healthy. Much better for kissing!
5) Bourbon Vanilla Fudge. We all know that a way to a guys heart is with food, so, why not get him something sweet to remind him of you!

Happy Shopping...

Keeping you Stylish!

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