Thursday, March 27, 2014

Office accessories I'm SWOONING for

As I'm updating my home office (the official tour is coming soon), I'm swooning over everything acrylic or gold!

I've stumbled upon some really beautiful, and glamorous, office supplies, and just had to share them with you. Whether you are re-doing your space or just need a few pieces to add a special touch, these pieces will have you drooling. It's OK. No one is looking. :)

This hard to find stapler has me grinning ear to ear. It's currently out of stock (boooo!!) but you can be added to the wait list. I may have got in line before you though. ;)

Totally in love with this gold striped acrylic tray by A Fabulous Fete. This is definitely on the DIY list. Wouldn't it be so cute sitting on your desk holding supplies?

Perfect for holding my collection of washi tapes, this acrylic and gold dispenser is just too darn cool.

Add some glamour to your notes with this adorable gold and white striped notebook.

A gold glitter mouse pad? I'll take one! Check out the DIY here.

This acrylic collator will keep all of my files handy and organized.
Gold and white letterpress art that will look great on my wall!
As you can see, the gold and acrylic office accessories are really endless. I love acrylic because it helps the space look bigger, and I love to add gold for that bit of glam.
Have you found any particular office décor or supplies that you just love? What have you seen that works for you? Do you love this acrylic and gold trend? I'd love to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment!
Keeping you Stylish!


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