Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring has sprung : Step into Spring with these fun ideas

Happy first day of Spring! We love to listen to the birds chirping and see all of the beautiful blooms bursting forth with color. Are you ready for this wonderful season?

Here in California, we typically have beautiful weather, but for some of you, the winter was so harsh! We wanted to bring you some tips that can bring that fresh feeling back into your life. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Go out there and make great happens and enjoy the beautiful life you've been given.

        1.  Get outdoors and  get moving! Try these fun fitness tips and soak up the sunshine.

2. Go plant something! Peonies are some of our faves here at Stylishly Sweet. Check out how to plant them and enjoy watching them grow, here.
3. Change up your makeup! Try one of these new trends.

4. Infuse your water with goodness! Try fresh herbs and fruit. Check out some amazing recipes here.

5. Add fresh pops of color to your house. Pillows are an easy and cheap way to liven things up, and you can switch them out each season. You can buy these cuties here.

6. Add cute new accessories to your wardrobe. Why not try these glittery pins that are simple to make and just so cute to wear!

Whatever you decide to do, we hope this new season is your best yet! Do you have any goals set aside for Spring? We'd love to hear about them! Please leave us a comment. 

Keeping you Stylish

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