Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 First Anniversary gift ideas you haven't thought of

I just had my first year wedding anniversary this past week, so for a month or so before, I was scouring the internet for some good gift ideas.

And yeah, I couldn't really find anything that made me really happy. I wanted something unique, but the first year is a Paper gift (traditionally) and well, paper can be a little boring. use your imagination.

Here are my top 5 picks for one year wedding anniversary gifts. These could be for a guy or a gal, to make your life a little easier. :)

1. Artifact uprising. Take some of your best photos from the year and turn it into a cool desktop calendar for your spouse. **Side note here, I purchased one of these for my husband for our anniversary and it's beautiful! High quality and even has a magnet on the back of the clipboard to put on the fridge if you want. It's fabulous!

2. Another fun way to capture photos is to take your favorite Instagram shots (come on, we know you have 100's) and turn them into a fabulous book!

3. Have an adventurous spirit and love to travel with your spouse? Why not give them this awesome scratch off world map and make a game of scratching off all the places you go over your lifetime together?

4. Wedding photos are so fun to look at, but here is a way to get a little creative with it. Hire an artist to come up with a custom illustration for you both. Send in a favorite photo from your wedding day and let them bring some extra magic to it. We love this quirky idea!

5. Something a little different is this beautiful Paper Mache (see? I'm still using paper!) heart with words of love stamped on the front. This DIY is a little different, but you can use the same sort of techniques to make your own (minus the sequins)!

Hopefully I've been able to pass on some fun and out of the box gifts for your first one year of marriage! It's a very exciting time and you want JUST the right gift. Any of these would surely bring a smile to your spouse's face!

What do you think? Can you see yourself buying any of these? What did you give/receive for your first year anniversary! We want to know!

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  1. cool gift good first scratch the destination and than go for travel nice :)
    scratch off map of the world

  2. cool gift good first scratch the destination and than go for travel nice :)
    scratch off map of the world

  3. There are really great gift ideas for women. I am supposed to find something for my mother for mother's day

    important gift


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