Thursday, May 1, 2014

10 Gorgeous and Inspiring Watercolor Wedding Ideas

Here at Stylishly Sweet, we love all things pretty! Don't you? So when we found the Waterlogue app we fell in love instantly. You can turn any of your pictures into a beautiful watercolor.

Umm, you had us at watercolor.
So that got us thinking ,wouldn't a day of pretty pastels, dreamy ethereal d├ęcor and a subtle but whimsical ombre effects just make for the most gorgeous day? We thought so too and wanted to bring you 10 of our favorite watercolor ideas. Are they not just divine?
1) Jaw dropping invitations.
From the RSVP cards  to the maps, watercolor invites will get everyone excited for your big day.

2) Unbelievable Florals.

Add flowers with extra rich pigment to your special day. They will look like art coming to life.

{source unknown}

3) Dip dyed napkins and linens.

So unique and special. These linens will give every table that whimsical, just painted feel.


4) The sweetest favors.

Fill these adorable bags with your favorite treats.


5) Delicious Menus.

Give them something delicious to eat AND look at.


6) Hand painted cake.

A true work of art, and a sweet one too!


7) Don't forget the other desserts!

From cupcakes to cookies, macaroons and meringues. All of it can showcase the beauty of watercolor.


8) The prettiest drinks you ever did see.

Even your drinks can have the watercolor effect. So cool!


9) Unique ceremony backdrops.

Create a lovely and unique flower wall and use it as your ceremony backdrop!


10) Say my name, say my name.

Help them find their seat in the prettiest way imaginable.


So there you have it! Our top 10 favorite watercolor ideas for weddings. Now that you have your theme picked out, head on over to find out why you need OUR help to really pull it off!
What do you think? Do you love the watercolor look and would you try it? Let us know!
Keeping you Stylish

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