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Women in business feature: Clarissa from Five12Studio

We love supporting other women owning businesses and totally kicking butt! Our feature today is about a pretty cool chic, Clarissa, who owns Five12Studios. She not only has a great blog with lots of awesome info, but she's a photographer and offers custom logo design and invitations. 

We interviewed her so we could get a peak into her work process and find out more about what inspires her. Hopefully it inspires you as well! 

1) What was your inspiration behind starting Five12Studio? 

I wanted to offer design and photography services to people who were starting a business. 

2) Can you explain how you cam across the idea? And how you went about implementing it?

Five12Studio started as a way to provide my services. It was initially called, " CNICOLE PHOTODESIGN", putting together both photography and graphic design. However, I saw myself (and blog) wanting to do more and it seemed limiting. After brainstorming, I decided to use my birthday (May 12th) as a new way to brand myself. It'd also allow for more opportunities outside of the graphic design/photography realm. 

3) What was the biggest challenge you faced? 

Really being in this alone. I don't have a partner (and that's OK), but I realized that I was my own assistant, nurse, sales person, social media strategist (which I've come to love), editor, stylist, etc. You're all in 100 percent. Anything less and it falls apart. 

4) What are the current challenges you face? 

With my blog, I want more outreach. I want the communication that's fading due to social media (read about it in Design Sponge's Blog of the Union). Overall, my fear prevents me from taking the chances that I want to take, but I really want to. 

5) What is your favorite part of owning your own business? 

If I want to change certain things up, I can. I don't have to go through the "head boss" to do so. I also love the trial and error of things. In terms of blogging, I can post what I want in my voice. Obviously it's important to keep it classy, but I don't have to worry about it being too much or too little for someone else. To sum it up, I get to make my own rules. 

6)  What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business? 

Plan ahead! I got into freelancing sort of by force (after a company lay-off) but I wasn't 100% ready financially. You know that ramen noodle everyday budget? That's so real. 

And not only financially--mentally too. You have to prepare yourself for rejection, for people not helping you they way you want to (they are not going to retweet every link you post to your blog or every design you do. It's not you, it's just...they won't). 

7) What do you enjoy doing when you are NOT working? 

Sleeping and watching HGTV. I want to remodel my house so bad but I realize I don't have Nicole Curtis (Rehab Addict) in my inner circle so I'll just paint a wall and embrace the power of spray paint.

8) How do you stay inspired when you hit speed bumps in your business? 

To be fully honest it was allowing myself to take my mom's advice (I'm pretty stubborn). There have been days that I want to quit and she'll tell me to keep going. After saying, "You don't understand! " I realize her words and encouragement actually mean something. 

Thank you Clarissa for taking time to be interviewed by us and telling a part of your story! We're so honored to have come across another amazing business women here in the blogosphere.

Clarissa is also hosting an awesome giveaway! A set of 15 note cards created by her. How cute are these? 

All you have to do is like us both on Facebook! And don't forget to share this with your friends.The winner will be picked in 2 weeks! 

We hope you enjoyed this installment of "Women in Business". If you know of any other women who own their own businesses and would like to be part of our interview series, please send them our way! 


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