Thursday, June 12, 2014

Danae's Birthday Wishes for 2014 + Giveaway!

Well, today is the day. I'm officially 31 years old. I said goodbye to the 20's last year, and now, yes, I'm officially in my 30's. I know, TURNING 30 makes it official, but I didn't really feel t.h.i.r.t.y. You know? Well, now I do, and I have some birthday wishes to share. 

This year has been the toughest of my life. I lost my only sibling, my brother Devin, to Leukemia in February. This loss has nearly taken me over, and I'll tell you the whole story one day when I feel I can write it without bawling my eyes out. 

Until then, I decided to create some "wishes" (because, I'm still a kid at heart in so many ways, and I love to believe wishes could actually come true.) These wishes are not for "things" but they go much deeper than that. When you lose someone you love so much, all of a sudden "things" don't 

So, here we go.

 I wish to be content in all things
  Notice I didn't say happy, because happiness can be very fleeting. I want to truly be content. The definition of content is "in a state of peaceful happiness" "a state of satisfaction." Sometimes things don't go as expected. Sometimes you don't feel all that happy. But, you can be content with your life, where you are and with where you are headed. I want to be content. I want my heart to have peace and feel satisfied.

To let go of the small things
I've never been one for drama. If you are one that breeds on drama, putting others down and being selfish..well, we'll probably never be friends. Sorry, but it's the truth. (should I hashtag this #sorryimnotsorry? :P) This year has taught me to be open and honest with people and to let go of all the stupid little things that can get us so upset. Someone cut you off on the freeway without using their blinker? (that's one of my big ones, because I'm pretty sure all cars come with blinkers) Well, maybe they were headed to an emergency. Your husband didn't buy you flowers for your anniversary? (btw, this is not a hint to Ascander, he does all things well!) Well, what did you do for him? Sometimes you have to stop looking at yourself long enough to really see other people and where they are. Maybe it slipped his mind like it slips ALL guys minds. :) Cut him some slack, give him a hug (and maybe a pinch) and remind him of why you love him. You never know what letting go of small things can do for your life. It helps you breath easier. 

Take care of me
Yep, I said it. Take care of me. Like I mentioned before, this year has been hard, and it's easy to let things completely go when things get rough. It's totally acceptable, we all do it, don't beat yourself up for it. But remember, it's OK to take care of yourself too. If that means grabbing some tea, turning off your cell and sitting outside...then do it. If it means taking a day off work,getting a massage and driving to the beach...can I come too? :) I really want to make sure I take care of myself emotionally, physically and spiritually. I've taken some good steps this year already by getting some help with my grief, making sure I'm eating good foods and putting good things in my body and getting back on the GYM horse and getting my physical shape back. I'm also reading more about God in His word and through books and making sure I put Him first and seek His will. It has put me back on track. Sometimes you have to be a me-centric (in a good way) to make sure you are healthy and ready to love all of those around you. Taking time to take care of me, will mean I can take care of others better. 

Love those around me with everything I have
More than anything this year, I really want to show those that I love that they are important to me. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to make phone calls and send cards. Well, I'm changing that this year. I'm making those phone calls and sending those cute cards and texts. I'm making sure that holidays are special and that people know they are not forgotten. I'm going to go the extra mile as often as I can, so people know they are special. Sometimes all it takes is a quick call, or even an email with lots of emoticons. But seriously, emoticons or not, this year people will feel loved, by me. You should try it!

Remember that I'm where I'm at for a reason...and success will come
Can I just say that it's exhausting keeping up with the Jones' and being in such a hurry and panic about how others are successful and living their dreams. It's easy to get sucked into the world of "well, if "only" I had all the right connections", and, " if ONLY I started sooner" Yes, then, THEN, I would be fully pursuing my dreams, crazy successful and calling Fran Drescher to come by my nanny. {see, I told you I'm 31, that's a total 90's reference). Honestly, I just want to say "HOLD THE PRESSES" half the time. I get tired of trying to keep up. Do I want to be successful? YES! Will I work super hard to get there? YES! I want those things, but I'm not going to live in the land of comparison any longer. It's the thief of joy, and ain't nobody got time for that. I'll be happy for others successes, work hard for mine and get there when I get there. It's all about timing and super hard work. It will happen.

If I can do ANY of these things this year, I'll deem it a success! Life moves forward, even in our toughest moments, that is when you have to decide how you want it to move. I want to learn something from my heartache. I already have learned so much, but I need to put those things into action and see where life takes me. 
Now, onto the giveaway! I decided to give away some of my all time favorite things, because I wanted one lucky reader to celebrate with me! I have all of these things currently, so you're getting a little piece of me when you win this giveaway.

Take a look at what you get: 

Mighty Leaf "Chamomile Citrus" Tea: My absolute fave. It's so delicious and a $10 dollar value!

Savannah Bee Honey: To go with your tea of course. It's yummy and a $5 dollar value!

Boulangerie "Whipped Cream & Pear candle from Anthropologie: Seriously, this smells heavenly. I'm not usually a fan of food scented candles, but no, this one is dreamy and a $16 dollar value! I have it sitting on my desk in my office.

Jesus Calling Devotional: I know all of our readers are not religious, and that is fine, but this book has been so uplifting to me over the past 6 months, I just had to share it. It's a $10 dollar value!

"Hustle" Gold foil print by Charm and Gumption:  I currently have this hanging on my wall in my office and I love it. What a good reminder to work hard. It's a $15 dollar value!

Kate Spade striped "Live it" Journal: I have so many journals, but this one is so sweet because the page lines have some inspirational messages and cute notes. It's a $6 dollar value!

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Spark Plug: I LOVE this stuff people! It is a very smooth and buttery lip gloss that adds a "hint" of color and sparkle and makes your lip feel fuller. I wear it everyday. It's an $18 dollar value.

So all said and done, you get $80 dollars worth of my favorite things ever right now. Isn't that fun?

Enter by liking us on Facebook, and leaving a comment on our feed with what your favorite thing is right now (that gets you a second chance)! And don't forget to share!!  This giveaway is only for today, so you better act fast! We'll announce the winner tomorrow.
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Thank you for celebrating my day with me. I hope your day is truly blessed. Now, I'm off to drink some tea, get to work and thank God for 31 years of life.

Keeping you Stylish (in my old age, :p)


  1. My favorite things.. 7up, chocolate covered pomegranates, morning runs, sunshine, Burt's Bees Chapstick! :) happy birthday sweet girl!

  2. My favorite thing is my Aveda "chakra-2" body mist. It smells so delightful!

  3. I loved this post. You are such a great inspiration to myself and others you come in contact with. May all your wishes comet true!! I know they will.

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart. It was touching and inspirational. My favorite thing right now is Me ! That's right me. I am 35 years old. I have five children and four years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I'm not going to lie. I gave up and gave into this illness. I am a believer in Christ and even ran from him. But we know that even in the darkest cave He is still there. Never forsaken. So long story short. I am no longer a victim, and will claim the victory over my life. I am no good as a mother if I don't take care of me first. So, I'm taking care of me first so that I can be better for my family. God has breathed life into my dead bones and I'm beyond blessed for another chance. Even in my illness I chose to live. God Bless you all.


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