Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Give Love A Vision! Welcome To The New Stylishly Sweet Events!

This is scary. This is us taking that gigantic leap into fear. This is us baring our soul to all of you.  Stylishly Sweet is more than a business to me and Danae, it's our dream. For the past 9 months, this is what we have been working on tirelessly AFTER our full time jobs. We hemmed and hawed over many many things, debated, discussed, scratched the whole thing and started from the beginning. In the end we realized that there was only one thing that mattered, and that one thing was LOVE.  Not only just the love shared between a couple, but the love of EVERYTHING. The love of life, love of your friends and your family, and of the moment. Once we realized this, everything fell into place. We love LOVE, and yours is as unique to you as your thumbprint. Danae and I realized that while we love to plan parties and weddings, we are not your typical wedding planners. Our calling is greater. We are visionaries. We help you visually create your love. We give love a vision.
We are very proud to introduce to you our new website, our new offerings, and new found mission. Please take a look, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter, with an exciting giveaway at the end! 

We are also excited to announce our vintage rentals! A labor of love of collecting beautiful pieces that help bring that unique vision to life. 

  To celebrate, we are giving away a $100 gift card to Wedding Paper Divas, a phenomenal place for invitations, save the dates and much much more. Be sure to enter for your chance to win! Finally, if you know someone who's getting married or looking for some event help, we ask that you help us spread the love and share us with your friends!  Welcome! and be sure to check us out live at

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