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Women in Business Feature // Pretty Please Jewelry

We absolutely love featuring other wonderful businesses ran by women, here on the blog. It's so empowering to see other women getting out there and making their dreams happen.

Today we are so excited to introduce you to Pretty Please Jewelry Shop. They have some of the coolest jewelry, watches, scarves and accessories,  and it's exclusive only to Facebook users. Follow their page, as they update it every Tuesday and Thursday night (and some weekends) with fun and beautiful new merchandise. (almost every necklace comes with a matching pair of earrings!)

I've purchased many items from them (by many, I mean manyyyy) and have loved every single piece. Their shipping is quick and everything comes wrapped in tissue or a muslin bag, along with a nice note. If you like Kate Spade, Stella & Dot and Tiffany, you'll love their pieces at a fraction of the cost. Their pieces are perfect for your wedding or any event you might be attending. The statement pieces have real wow-factor! 

They are also currently using a ONE FOR ONE business model, which is pretty amazing. Let's have Rana and Melody tell you all about it. {side note: buying jewelry from people who give to good causes? you get two thumbs up from us!}

What was your inspiration behind starting Pretty Please Jewelry?

After working for Tiffany & CO. for several years, I decided to marry my passion for jewelry and entrepreneurship to start a unique jewelry/accessories company. I soon discovered that Facebook was the perfect platform as it allowed me to engage followers and grow quickly...thus began PRETTY PLEASE! 

The amazing Melody Parsa joined soon after and adds tremendous fashion marketing and media expertise to our brand.The company has grown at a steady pace since its inception and hosts two flash sales per week where women can relax, enjoy a little ’me’ time and shop for pretty, unique and affordable stylish jewels/accessories.I believe that when a group of women come together, they can do amazing things and we wanted to use PRETTY PLEASE as a tool to give back. 

So in 2014, we decided to switch to a ONE FOR ONE business model and focus on social entrepreneurship. Moving forward, we will give ONE piece for every ONE sale. Whether it’s giving peace bracelets to a class of young girls to help fight bullying , providing a collection of jewelry to women recovering from illness to help them gain their confidence again, or accessorizing women who are starting over after personal distress and are looking for work. We are currently working with the ONE FUND BOSTON - giving pretty pieces to women affected by the Marathon bombings. ONE FOR ONE. It’ simple and empowering. 

Can you explain a little bit how you came across the idea and how you implemented it? 

Everyone we know checks their Facebook at least a few times a day so we figured what a great way to reach people and make shopping fun. We simply came up with a page and began posting images of our pieces a couple of times a night and it just went from there.

What was the biggest challenge you faced? 

The biggest challenge is finding the balance between personal life and business. WE adore this little company so its easy to want to work every minute!

What are the current challenges you face? 

Our most current challenge is maintaining our personal interactions with our clients while continuing to grow quickly.

What is your favorite part of owning your own business? 

Definitely giving back. It sounds cliche, but begin able to make a living while helping other is just about all we could ask for.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business? 

Do it!  Take something you believe in and work hard. If you don’t take the risk you’ll never know what you can achieve.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working ?

Being with our families and traveling! 

  How do you stay inspired when you hit speed bumps in your business?

Nothing worth fighting for comes easy. We just take one day at a time and remind ourselves that though owning a business can get difficult, building something we care about is worth! And our clients are amazing so if we need a little encouragement, we get it from them!

See? Don't you also think they are the Yes, I just said that...don't judge. :) 

And , Pretty Please has been kind enough to offer a fun giveaway that we'll be running for the next 2 weeks! You can enter to win one necklace and one pair of earrings of your choosing! Believe me, you don't want to miss out on this one. Who doesn't love free jewelry? 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter and we'll draw a name on July 31st and announce it on our Facebook page. 

For all of our readers, you get 15% off your first order by giving them the code "Stylishly Sweet" when you purchase. How awesome is that!!?

Keeping you Stylish!

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  1. How wonderful finding out about Pretty Please. The items on your blog are stunning. I'm about to hop off now and check out your Facebook page, but just wanted to way what a novel idea marketing solely on Facebook. Your 'one for one' offer's amazing too, so generous and would encourage me to buy something from you, for sure.

    Regina Morales @ Sonic Response


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