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Getting fit for your big day is usually at the top of every brides list. We think it's absolutely amazing to be healthy and in shape for your body style, but make sure you are being just that, healthy! There are many fad diets and cleanses out there that are not all that safe, or they help you drop the pounds really quick, without giving you the proper nutrition and then you gain it all back anyway when you start eating real food. And that just feels yucky.

I wanted to give some tips of being healthy and happy during your wedding planning season. It should be one of the happiest times of your life. There is so much to do, and having a healthy body is not the only thing you should worry about. Make sure you not only feel beautiful on the outside, but ALSO the inside. 

We LOVE the gals over at Tone It Up. Karena and Katrina focus on living a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating good food that will help your body build muscle while providing you with all of the right nutrition. 

Katrina just got married and while she was engaged, she came up with the Bridal Babe Workout! Go check it out and see how she got in shape for her big day. Remember, having goals will get you  so much further. You'll want to keep this lifestyle up even AFTER you get married. 


Skin, Body and Hair
If you get stressed easily, wedding planning can put your skin and hair through the ringer. That's why it's very important to start a good skin care regimen early, and take care of those locks! It's important to make sure you are drinking a lot of water (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and cleaning your face twice a day. You want to be glowing and feel fresh on your wedding day, not worried about covering a ton of blemishes or feeling flaky. And you don't want dry, itchy skin and hair loss either. So yes, guzzle water like a fish and try some of these natural and easy at home face, body and hair treatments. 
*Test out products you might have allergies to, on your forearm, before putting it on your face.
*Do not do face masks within one week of your wedding, in case of a reaction. 


Mind and Spirit
While planning a wedding, sometimes that is ALL one can think about. However, it's VERY important to make time for other things that make you happy and feel healthy on the inside. 
Go to the lake or ocean for an afternoon. Read your favorite book with a cup of tea. Shop for a new dress (and I don't mean Wedding dress). Do brunch with your girlfriends. Get cuddle time with your favorite nieces or nephews. Pray or meditate. 
Whatever you do, make plenty of time to be with those you love and de-stress. 

Here's a fun reading list from Lauren Conrad. 

Whether you pray or meditate (or both) here are some really good tips on clearing your mind and staying focused. 

10 tips on how to stress less. They sound good to me! 

Your Fiance
Yes, your fiance is part of your bridal boot-camp ladies. It is VERY important to remember WHO and WHY you are getting married. Let's face it, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if your embarrassing aunt Thelma is sitting next to your cool high school friends. Or if the wedding flowers ended up being cream instead of the paper white you were looking for.What matters is that man at the end of the aisle that you are pledging the rest of your life to, so don't let all this wedding planning allow you to lose sight of that. So, a few things to keep in mind are: 

1) He may not love EVERY aspect of the planning like you do. That is OK! Yes, I said it. We want our men to really care about the copper toned table cloths and what flowers we're using for centerpieces, but I'm going to be honest with you, HE WON'T CARE. And that is OK! Allow him some room to breath and give him a break. If you want hydrangeas, he will probably be just fine with that. Include him on the stuff he DOES care about like food, beverages and music. 

2) Take at least ONE day off a week from discussing anything to do with the wedding. You both need a breather and need to remember your relationship is about more then what guest book you are getting and where everyone should sit. Get out and have a date night. Take a walk and hold hands. Just don't talk about the wedding. 

3) Hug, kiss and remember to say I'm sorry when the wedding craze takes you over. As long as the person you're with feels cherished and loved, that's what really matters. Take a breath and tell him you appreciate him. I promise, he'll be easier to work with. 

Planning a wedding is expensive, but you can still have fun. Check out one of these cheap date night ideas! 

Remember that planning your wedding comes once in a lifetime. Enjoy all the small and big moments. Remember to do what you can to be as healthy as possible, inside and out, and just get rid of the rest. :) 

Now, go out and be a happy bride! It's worth it, I promise. 

Keeping you Stylish!

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